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Delta Braking Industrial Braking Pads


Delta Braking products are produced by MXN-CZ s.r.o. A Czech company situated on the Airport Industrial Zone of Ostrava Airport Mosnov, about 20 km from Ostrava, the 3th biggest city in Czech Republic. The Company is specialized in production of Sintered Friction Material. Copper sintering, and since short time also Aluminum Sintering.


MXN-CZ was founded in 2001. First production was ready in April 2002. Celebrating 15 years of production in 2017.
Production started in 2002 with brake pads for Off Road Motorcycles. In the years after, the program became larger, including brake pads for Road Motorcycles, ATV/UTV’s, Bikes, Racing Motorcycles, Brake Discs for Bicycles, Motorcycles, and other vehicles like Mini cars, Postal cars.
About 7 years ago, first inquiries arrived from the Industrial world. Sintered Brake Pads for Cranes, Windmills, Elevators, etc. Many different compounds, and samples later, Delta Braking became an interesting partner for OEM producers, as well as Aftermar- ket Sales companies, for Industrial Brakes!
Nowadays Industrial Brakes form a substantial part of production. All items, produced, are tailor made for our customers, according to their drawings. Most of them, there- fore, are protected. The reason, we don’t carry a universal sales program. Management is Dutch. Sister companies are Delta Braking BV Borger Netherlands and Delta Braking USA, Pontiac (Mi).


Development: new friction compounds based on Sintered Copper. Aluminum Sintering; High Performance Aluminum Sintered Clutch Friction Plates. To be used in Motorcycles, ATV/UTV, and Automatic Gearboxes for Personal Cars. (Patent pending Europe/ USA)
Further development on the ‘matching’ part, the Brake Discs. Keywords: Tempering, Special Coating, Steel, Carbon, Aluminum.


ISO9001:2015, KBA (automotive)

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Delta Braking Industrial Brake Pads
MXN-CZ, s.r.o.
Air park unit 324
742 51 Mošnov
Czech Republic